Contemporary Challenges to the Sustainable Development of Tourism in the National Resorts of Bulgaria

Dessislava Alexova, Elena Alexandrova, Maria Vodenska, and Nikolina Popova
International Business School, 2140 Botevgrad, Bulgaria

The survey includes a study of the potential for sustainable tourist development of national resorts in Bulgaria and the opportunities for destination management. The main accents are focused on their stages of development, mistakes made in the planning and regulations and setting guidelines for their sustainable development, in accordance with current trends. Consideration has been given to the analysis and evaluation of tourism potential which is represented as subsystems of the territorial recreation and tourism system. A study of the interconnections between them, the definition of strategic priorities and the proposals for sustainable tourism development at a local level was carried out. It has been proven that successful sustainable tourism development in the national resorts is related to conducting systematic marketing studies, effective tourism planning and monitoring.

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