Sustainable Development of Cultural Tourism on Example of Botevgrad Municipality: A Model for Local Tourist Development

Desislava Alexova. PhD, International Business School, Bulgaria

The survey includes a study of the potential for sustainable tourist development of cultural tourism on example of Botevgrad Municipality, Bulgaria. The main accents are focused on theoretical formulations as system methods for territorial development of cultural tourism in the former tourist destination and practical researches which include proposals for tourism product development. The main approaches are the systemic, related to the systemic character of the territorial system for recreation and tourism at the local level and the empirical, used for gathering the necessary, in volume and character, primary quantitative and qualitative information. The research methods used are based on a deductive approach. The main limiting factors of the study are the lack of monitoring of tourist visits, sufficient statistical information and previous systematic research studies, the lack of traditions in the tourism sector, and the fact that the municipality has never worked preoperatively for the tourist development.

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