Micro-Regionalization of a Tourist Destination – a Model of Sustainable Development of a Tourist Destination on the Example of Botevgrad Municipality

Desislava Alexova. PhD, International Business School, Bulgaria

The subject of this work is the study, analysis and definition of opportunities for sustainable tourism development at a local level as a model that can be multiplied to be used in other developing tourist destinations. The objective of the study is the sustainable development of tourism in the municipality of Botevgrad and its positioning as an attractive tourist destination. To achieve the research goal, a set of general and private methods corresponding to the interdisciplinary and heterogeneous nature of the study are used: methods of analysis and synthesis, cameral method, cartographic method, geographic methods of research: spatial analysis of the resource potential, localization of the surveyed sites. An approach of studies and systematization of information on literary sources and planning documents has also been used; collecting, processing, systematizing and interpreting statistical data and documents; critical analysis method and expert assessment; comparative analysis method; scientific analysis and synthesis; field observation. The main conclusions point the opportunities for destination management at a local level through micro-regionalisation as a successful model for sustainable tourism.

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